Our Expert Team

Procurement & Supply Chain Consultants

Louise Deans

Operational Support

Ewen van Ryneveld


Richard Morrisseau

Canada Lead Partner

Mark Patch

People Development Consultant

Dr Heinz Schaeffer

Germany Lead Partner

Rachel James Patch

People Development Consultant

Peter Sammons

Lead Trainer

Joanna Martinez

USA Lead Partner

Martin Webb

Delivery Partner

Stephen Wills


Andrew Papageorgiou

Associate Consultant

Frederic Schwaller

Associate Consultant

Luisa Sykes

Associate Consultant (UK)

Susan Preston

Associate trainer

Our team highly trained professionals & CIPS Certified Masters who are dedicated to applying their skills, experience, and diverse backgrounds to provide friendly, efficient service to our clients.

Our team of CIPS Certified Masters is led by Steve Wills with a combined several years of experience in Procurement & Supply Chain.

Specialization within the firm includes Strategic Prospecting For Sales ,Tender Training, Contract Law, Procurement & Supply Chain Management Training
Public Procurement Training, Spend Analytics Training, Supplier Relationship Management Training & Workshops, Demand Management Training, Project Management Training, Controlling Supplier Spend, Demand Management & Forecasting, Total Cost Price Analysis For Procurement And Sales, Negotiation Training, Category Management, Modern Slavery Act and other Business Training related to procurement specializations.

Contact us to know more about our Procurement Training & Courses provided by our team of CIPS Certified Masters.