Introduction to Contract Law

Introduction to Contract Law


 For Sales and Procurement people –
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Contract Law for buying and selling

The business implications of a poorly negotiated contract can be significant, whether in a buying or selling context. It is essential that your team members setting up, or carrying out, contracts fully understand the process of contract formation and contract change.

This one day course is an essential introduction to the process of contract formation and demonstrates what terms are incorporated, both express and implied, how the contract-formation process should be managed and how terms can effectively be enforced. It helps you to avoid making unintentional contractual commitments and encourages attendees to ensure their colleagues know what they can and cannot do within their delegated authorities.

Attendees receive a comprehensive supporting documentation pack.

Turning theory into practice

This 1-day course addresses the practicalities of contract law and focuses very much on the real world. We explore some famous cases and demonstrate their continued relevance in this twenty first century.  Theory translates neatly into practice …………..

thought-provoking content with relevant and practical case studies

Our courses are designed to deliver highly focused, practical training across industries and regions.
We focus on delivering thought-provoking content with relevant and practical case studies that bring theory to life.

Our trainers and facilitators include experts in people capabilities and soft skills as well as specialist procurement leaders.

Our people are carefully selected for their mix of practical experience and consultative background in a broad range of sectors and organisations. In some cases, our trainers have literally written the book on the subject!

Who should attend?

This is an introductory course and takes delegates through the subject matter in a logical sequence. It assumes no prior knowledge but will be a useful refresher for those who have looked at the subject before. It provides useful tips in how to manage practical issues such as ‘communications’ both before and after a contract has been set in place.

Key areas covered

  • What is a contract and why are contracts necessary in the business world?
  • What are the different types of contract under English Law?
  • What is the difference between a contract and an agreement?
  • What is an ‘offer’, an ‘invitation to treat’ and a ‘letter of intent’?
  • How is an offer made?
  • What is a standing offer and how is it used in practice?
  • How is an offer accepted or rejected?
  • How in practical terms can a contract be amended or ‘novated’?
  • What is ‘consideration’?
  • What is the ‘battle of the forms’ and how do you deal with it in practice?
  • How is a contract ‘discharged’?
  • What remedies are available for breach of contract?
  • How does the Unfair Contractual Terms Act impact business contracts?
  • What undertakings are implied by the Sale of Goods Act 1979?
  • What are the key Acts of Parliament that impact day to day contract operations?
  • What is an ‘evergreen’ contract?
  • What is a course of dealing, and how can it be used in practice?
  • What are ‘liquidated damages’ and ‘damages at large’?
  • In what circumstances would it be possible to obtain a court injunction?
  • Should your company use formalised ‘delegated authorities’ to set out clearly  who can enter into, or amend, contracts?

Note that this course is delivered from an English Contract Law viewpoint, although its lessons are broadly applicable in a Scottish Law context. This is not a contract drafting course, but it does touch upon contract design, and uses NEC 4 as an example of best practice.


Understand the key principles and stages of the commercial contracting process

  • Learn from tried and tested contracting methodologies
  • Increase your confidence in conducting contract negotiations
  • Think about how your organisation gets into contract and the practical issues to be considered
  • Leave with comprehensive course notes

Duration of Course

  • 1 Day (7 hours learning) – dates tbc


  • Public course attendance (per person)           £  400 +VAT
    • refreshments included
    • travel, meals and accommodation not included
  • In-house course (max 10 delegates) tailored from £4000 +VAT
    • plus personal expenses (travel, meals and accommodation)


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