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Negotiation Master Class

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Negotiation master class
For Procurement delegates looking for an extra edge in business performance

Why this course is different

You may have received some negotiation training in the past or learnt from experiences but to consistently achieve results for you and all stakeholders you must gain a true understanding of the principles of best practice negotiation skills.

Increasingly you will require the skills and the flexibility to apply appropriate negotiation skills and strategy to both internal negotiations and external negotiations with customers, suppliers and more.

Why you should attend

This 2-day course will address the strategies, techniques and skills required for successful negotiations backed up by case studies, role-plays and interactive presentations.

Practical exercises will ensure that each delegate can translate the theory of negotiation into applicable skills and return to your business ready to negotiate to achieve results.

Benefits for you

Understand the key principles and stages of the negotiation process

  • Learn from tested negotiation theories, techniques and skills
  • Increase your confidence to conduct successful negotiations
  • Improve your skills through practical participation
  • Handle challenges, objections and conflict

Who should attend?

Individuals involved in commercial negotiations who seek best practice frameworks, tools and techniques to achieve consistent results.

Key areas covered

The Negotiation Process

  • Key principles and stages of negotiation
  • Common negotiating mistakes
  • The importance of planning & preparing
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing your bargaining power
  • Closing negotiations

Influencing Skills

  • Uncovering hidden agendas
  • Managing difficult people
  • Understanding human behavior
  • Using persuasion and influence
  • Handling challenges and conflict
  • Framing your proposal
  • Expressing ideas directly and effectively

Strategy and Tactics

  • Defining strategy
  • Applying tactics to achieve your strategy
  • Creating a results-focused environment
  • Setting min & max objectives on issues
  • Defining your bottom line – concessions
  • Balance of power & choice of strategy

Practical Negotiating

  • Plan, prepare and conduct negotiations
  • Build personal confidence
  • Characteristics of top negotiators
  • Recognising and handling different styles
  • Cross cultural negotiations
  • Correct channels of communication
  • Right and wrong questions to ask

Maintaining Momentum

  • Counter proposals
  • Developing options for mutual gain
  • Capitalising on concessions

Team Negotiations

  • Difference between 1 to 1 and team
  • Team roles in negotiation

Non-Verbal Communications

  • Sending and receiving signals
  • Introduction to the use of insights
  • Projecting a positive attitude

Personal Action Planning

  • Reviewing your own skills
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Developing a strategy for improvement

What some of our clients say about us:

Isabel Coma – Fort Life Science/ Pharmaceutical R&D Project Manager at GlaxoSmithKline

“Stephen combines deep knowledge and long experience. His executive course had the right contents illustrated with the real life experience of a great professional.”

Janice Allen – Project Lead at Highways England

“Steve engaged every one with his insight into procurement using real examples of working with national and global organisations. Steve was charismatic and a joy to listen too. We were impressed with his integrity. He is a real role model and an ambassador for Procurement. “

Duration of Course

  • 2 Days (14 hours)
  • Public course attendance
    • refreshments included
    • travel, meals and accommodation not included
  • In-house course (max 10 delegates) tailored

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