Women Business Leaders Masterclass

This masterclass is for women delegates looking for an edge in business.

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Women have made some significant progress in careers as they climb the corporate ladder. However continued advancements are still necessary.

Apart from pre-conceptions and judgements about their ability plus glass ceilings women lack the belief that they can reach the top.

Despite two female prime ministers and the longest reigning monarch UK women still face similar challenges now as they did 50 years ago. Inequality with men.

Some organisations have initiatives to assist women succeed and grow. However, progress is slow with the average of women on global companies’ boards standing at 17 %. Women in executive positions is only 12 %. When you consider these senior posts are in  women friendly roles such as HR and Marketing Women still have not progressed as far in Operational functions

The outlook is optimistic with females in executive positions globally set to rise. However, women need to proactively prepare themselves for the challenges of executive positions by building confidence and leadership skills as part of their career strategies.

Our programme is designed specifically to enable high potential women aspiring to reach senior positions within organisations. It offers the opportunity to convene for the start of a learning journey to formulate individual strategies. Interact, exchange and debate with their peers and hear individual leadership stories from our speakers. The programme balances evidence-based approach with best practice from professionals who discuss and debate with participants.

Our 3 day programme takes place with time for networking and to immerse themselves in self-development.

Come and meet our speakers and learn how to change leadership for the better.

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This interactive course is designed and facilitated by professional development specialists for women . It takes a strategic Management approach to your development. With skills and tools that build sustainable results through effective leadership. Your speakers are pragmatic, motivational and above all results oriented. They turn theory into practice as delegates learn leadership styles that get results.

Benefits to you:

  • Optimise leadership effectiveness
  • Improve business performance
  • Develop the leadership of others
  • Clear action plans for your career
  • Reflective learning through discussions
  • Close and informal conversations about journeys to the top
  • A strong supportive group that empowers you to take ownership
  • A positive, strength based approach to building on leadership skills
  • An Insights Discovery Profile to understand how you operate and your preferred style.

Using tools, techniques and approaches you will operate with confidence in all environments, managing situations to deliver value for your business.

Using and applying best practice models you learn how to develop techniques ensuring high levels of confidence integrity and success.

Who should attend:

This programme is designed for women who are intent on growing their

professional capabilities within their organisations, and also personal capabilities beyond corporate life.

Participants should be in the early phases of their careers in management roles, with some expectation of an entry into a management role.

This programme takes an uplifting approach to the opportunities which are there to be seized for women.

Key areas covered

  • Stakeholder engagement and Business needs
  • Executive coaching and career strategies
  • Female leadership styles
  • Negotiation skills
  • Building and growing influence
  • Building high-performing teams and networks

Case studies, exercises and interactive workshops are used to illustrate the important consideration.

What some of our clients say about us:

Isabel Coma – Fort Life Science/ Pharmaceutical R&D Project Manager at GlaxoSmithKline

“combines deep knowledge and long experience. The executive course had the right contents illustrated with the real life experience.”

Janice Allen – Project Lead at Highways England

“it engaged everyone with insight using real examples of working with national and global organisations. charismatic speakers were a joy to listen to. We were impressed with their integrity.

Duration of Course

  • 3 Days
  • Public course attendance
    • refreshments included
    • travel, meals and accommodation not included

In-house course (max 10 delegates) tailored.

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