Women and Work – The Facts

Women and Work - The Facts

There are a number of recent studies that show a link between more balanced gender distribution in a company’s management and its profitability:

# According to McKinsey, companies across all sectors with the most women on their boards of directors significantly and consistently outperform those with no female representation – by 41% in terms of return on equity and by 56% in terms of operating results.

# In a study of the Fortune 500, Catalyst reveals that companies in the highest percentile of women on their boards outperformed those in the lowest percentile by 53% higher return on equity, 42% higher return on sales, and 66% higher return on invested capital.

#  A Danish study found that companies with good numbers of women on the board outperformed those with no women by 17% higher return on sales and 54% higher return on invested capital.

#  Thomson Reuters examined the performance of companies with more than 30% women on their board compared with those with less than 10% women on their board, and found that companies with greater numbers of women leaders fared better in periods of greater economic volatility .

# Leeds University Business School reports that having at least one female director on the board appears to cut a company’s chances of going bust by about 20%. Having two or three female directors lowers the risk even more.

# The Conference Board of Canada found that 91% of boards with three or more women directors explicitly take responsibility for verifying audit information compared with 74% of companies with all male directors.

# Over the course of 2011, companies in the STOXX 600 Index with more than 30%

# Women managers outperformed those with less than 20% women managers by nearly 8% .

Achievements :- Women in the workforce

# Women make up 47% of the UK workforce 10.

# Eliminating gender discrimination in relation to occupation and pay could increase women’s wages by about 50% and national output by 5%.

# Women’s unemployment is currently at a 24 year high 12 .


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